lauantai 23. marraskuuta 2013

SilViolence - Readymade Intonarumori - Machinery Sounds Puzzle Game! // NMMREM XXVIII

Ever fancied hearing a noise release that portrays bunch of different machines in action? I know I haven't, but that didn't stop Readymade Intonarumori becoming a delightful release. What we have on it is 25 tracks, named in Italian and seemingly all are sounds made by different machines.

It might not sound like an exciting idea musically, but it is a very fun release if you approach it the right way. Readymade Intonarumori can be used as a braingame of trying to guess what devices were used in every track! That is in fact what I did. I called a friend for a visit and had a fun 30 minutes of guessing the origins of the sounds.

The album is inspired by Luigi Russolo who is considered one of the first noise composers. Luigi Russolo's one of the most famous works is a work called Intonarumori where he constructed multiple noise creating devices and assembled them as a noise orchestra to perform with them.

What I did was, I asked for Silviolence about the release and had him comment me the right results! Well, the ones that I could not decipher with google translate.

The correct results are published on the very bottom of the review. Feel free to post your own guesses in the comments! If you fancy to give the braingame a go DO NOT read the following lists down there, first there are the guesses of me and my friend and on the bottom the correct results :).

Download the album for free here:

My guesses:
1. vacuum cleaner
2. electric blender
3. refridgerator
4. electric shaver
5. extractor hood (kitchen)
6. circular saw
7. table fan
8. vacuum cleaner
9. ship engine
10. blender
11. drill
12. helicopter
13. epilator
14. epilator
15. car
16. radio static
17. metro
18. roof ventilator
19. photocopier
20. printer
21. electric blender
23. tumble dryer
24. tumble dryer
25. dish washing machine
26. rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner

3/26 :D

Friend's guesses:
1. Vacuum cleaner
2. electric motor
3. static
4. electric shaver
5. rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner
6. electronic saw
7. processor
8. vacuum cleaner
9. lawnmower
10. electric drill
11. electric drill
12. fan
13. electric dildo on a bed
14. electric toothbrush
15. TV
16. Static in TV
17. aquarium air pump
18. Ekg
19. something going in and out, dvd-drive?
20. Printer
21. Printer
22. -
23. Printer
24. lathe
25. infrared lamp
26. electric toothbrush in mouth


Correct Answers
1. vacuum cleaner
2. Electric Toothbrush
3. Blender
4. Screed
5. Hair Dryer
6. Driller
7. Tuner
8. Aspirator
9. Fan
10. Electric screwdriver
11. Shredder
12. sprinklers
13. Respirator
14. Epilator
15. Winder
16. Humidifier
17. Air conditioning unit
18. Printer
19. Photocopy
20. Scanner
21. Beater vatkain vispilä
22. Labeler
23. VHS rewinder
24. VHS rewinder
25. Solar powered car cooling
26. Electric Toothbrush