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Psycho Mum - Riff Rough // NMMREM XI

Psycho Mum, an artist I genuinely have no idea about and a musician of genres which I loathe (Rave, "ugh" / Disco, "UGHH!" / Break, "just add in core please"). Being the first experimental review for Narrow-Minded Metalhead, this was certainly a good shock factor to start :). Anyway, Psycho Mum is todays reviewed release; sponsored by

The cover of the album looks ugly and cheap. Looks like a 2 minute paint work. So it made me expect something intentionally shitty. However the title track Riff Rough turns out to be a surprisingly interesting abstract and psychedelic track with a lo-fi vibe. So lo-fi is where the cover art hints to? Makes some sense.

The song starts out slowly and progresses first to an odd (I like oddness) psychedelic beeping (I like psychedelia and beeping) noise (and most of all I like noise). This is soon layered with a psychedelic beat. This progress steadily with a cool surprising, though a bit cheap sounding effects, coming in here and there quite melodically.

The song grows up nicely, and after multiple listens the seemingly random breaks can better be appreciated as well. I'm sure this would work great with fitting visuals. Odd sounds popping in from here and there add more flavour.

In the 2nd track. The beginning beats underline my loath for rave, two different deep bass-driven beats which sound to belong to a club, which I would not attend without an excess amount of beer. The pussy-sounding voice saying "Satan" is quite funny and very random, but more interesting is the nearly random beeping. The track underlines why im not a terrific fan of rave music. It gets boring even though there is stuff happening and variation.

As a release one song and one remix of the same song is a bit too little, though I must say the remix doesn't really sound like the original at all, which is a good thing especially as it seems disco and rave are fitted to the second track and the first compasses of psychedelia and break. I do not get a huge interest in repeating the tracks once I got done with the first crush.

Nothing mind-blowing here, but the release did rise my interest factor for a short while. Not an attention grabber after the first listens, but the first track does hold up listening well. The release could be interesting for you if the two previously mentioned big UGH's are your cup of tea. For me, I rather stay on my normal tea and keep looking for the first rave song to dig.


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